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Lido in Producer’s Paradise

Lido interviewed for his production work for Mix Magazine July 2019 Issue: Lido in Producer’s Paradise Listen to some of Lido’s work via Spotify. Advertisements

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Hitmaker Howard Benson: What It Really Means To Be A Producer

Producer Howard Benson interviewed at his West Valley Recording Studios about his 30+ years in the music industry for Mix Magazine August 2018 Issue Hitmaker Howard Benson: What It Really Means To Be A Producer … Continue reading

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“If You Want To Be Somewhere, You’ve Got To Occupy It” How Women Are Changing The Face Of Engineering And Producing

Sally Gross, Karrie Keyes, Suzy Shinn, Beth McGowan, Dani Spragg and Maya Ramos interviewed for NPR’s Turning the Tables series: ‘If You Want To Be Somewhere, You’ve Got To Occupy It’ How Women Are Changing The Face … Continue reading

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Maya Jane Coles: Raising The Stakes

Maya Jane Coles interviewed for her album, Take Flight, for DJ Times Magazine October 2017 Issue: Maya Jane Coles: Raising The Stakes Watch a trailer for Take Flight while you choose your desired music … Continue reading

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In The Studio With: Dusky’s Outer Limits

Dusky‘s Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman interviewed for their album, Outer, for DJ Times Magazine December 2016 issue: In The Studio With: Dusky’s Outer Limits Watch the video for “Sort it out Sharon” featuring Wiley.

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Jamie Lidell Builds A Beginning

Jamie Lidell interviewed for his album, Building A Beginning, for Mix Magazine November 2016 Issue: Jamie Lidell Builds A Beginning Watch Jamie perform the title track live with the Royal Pharaohs at Giel.

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Glass Animals: Raw, Dead Sound

Glass Animals‘ Dave Bayley and engineer Matt Wiggins interviewed for the album, How To Be A Human Being, for Mix Magazine September 2016 Issue: Glass Animals: Raw, Dead Sound for How To Be A Human Being Watch … Continue reading

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