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Tosca: Odeon (K7)

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Reviewed for Under The Radar Magazine

Tosca Odeon (K7)

Cool sophistication has no age and time where Tosca is concerned. The musical offspring of Vienna, Austria’s Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber is verging on two decades of downtempo orchestral electronica. On its latest, Odeon, the duo delves into vocal-driven minimalism far richer and darker than previously heard from Tosca. “Heatwave” sets the stage for syncopated Tricky-like spoken raps and “Jayjay” provides a spooky backdrop for androgynous Alison Moyet-inspired treated vocals. Clean Spanish lyrics fit bizarrely well on the flittering rhythms of “Stuttgart,” named after the German city. No matter what the language, the ambient translations deliver the message with clarity.

Watch the official video for “Jay Jay.”


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