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Horace Andy: Broken Beats (Echo Beach)

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Horace Andy Broken Beats (Echo Beach)

Horace Andy’s legend is so great that some may presume the roots reggae must have pass on to join his fellow greats. However, he is very much alive and part of the public consciousness, due in part to his perennial presence on Massive Attack albums. It is Andy’s own recognizable classics such as “Money Money,” “Bad Man,” and “Skylarking,” that get reworked by Smith and Mighty’s Rob Smith, Oliver Frost, and Dubblestandart, among others. Despite updated clattering drum patterns and quaking basslines, these re-imaginings stay true to the originals with Andy singing, as ever, in his shuddering signature style. Better served as a DJ tool than a listening one.

Listen to the Oliver Frost remix of Skylarking via Soundcloud.


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