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Running Around Los Angeles Week Of April 13, 2012

Sprinkles and Tacos Por Favor with Adam Firstman (top middle, with Sarm Studios‘ and Tricity’s Aaron Horn) and Lottie Tricity (top left) on April 15, 2012. •Gut-punching show from Kasabian (bottom left) at Fonda Music Box with Allyson DeMunda on April 17, 2012. •Perfectly chosen DJ set from Justice (bottom right) at Club Nokia with Jenn Harrison on April 18, 2012. •Home Los Feliz and The Big Pink (top right) at the Echo with Adam First Man and Lottie Tricity April 19, 2012.

Check out some of Aaron’s and Lottie’s music as Tricity.
Watch Kasabian’s performance of “I.D.” from the show at the Fonda.
It was when Tom Meighan sang, “music is my…my wo-oo-oorld” that I felt the gut-punching start. It didn’t let up for the whole show. I miss that feeling. The video is in HD, be patient.
Watch a bit of Justice’s (pronounced Jus-teese, even though everyone makes fun of me) DJ set at Club Nokia.
Not one song was out of place–not one, even TRex’s “Bang A Gong.”
Watch the Big Pink perform “Hit The Ground Superman” at the BBC 1 Live Lounge

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