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January 2012

The Big Pink
Future This
Second album of BRMC-like fuzz and shimmer, alternating between bright and murky.
Few free downloads at Music From The Big Pink.
Watch the video for “Stay Gold.”
Watch the video for “Hit The Ground (Superman).”

Evolve Or Be Extinct
(Big Dada)
Nipping on the heels of the last record, this one follows that stream of consciousness with a string of observational rhymes that are turned outward, chatting about his surroundings rather than talking to himself.
Watch the video for “Boom Blast.”
Listen to the hilarious “Can I Have A Taxi Please?”

The Duke Spirit
Not as instantaneously smashing as the previous album, but still pretty damn good.
Interview with frontperson Liela Moss for Under The Radar upon the digital release, click above. Interview with Liela upon the physical release for China Shop, click here.
Watch the video for “Everybody’s Under Your Spell.”

Upside Down
(Sonar Kollektiv)
Homogeneous collection of remixes done of Jazzanova tracks: generic midtempo shufflers.
Read my review for Under The Radar Magazine by clicking above: coming soon.
Click through Jazzanova’s Sonar Kollektiv Soundcloud.
For all things Jazzanova related, go straight to the Sonar Kollektiv site.

Living On The Edge Of Time
Pierre-Alexander Busson gives a false sense of indie security with lighthearted live tones and then flips the switch halfway through, blasting into peak of the night club stormers. Pick one or the other dude, you do both well.
Watch the video for “Always (On The Run).”

Back On Time
(Ninja Tune)
Old-fashioned drum ‘n’ bass along the lines of Bukem or some throwback Metalheadz material from Luke Vibert. It’s been so long since we heard some basic jungle riddims, these are quite welcome. What’s up with the Asian tea guy on the album cover?
Listen to “Feeling So Special” from Back On Time on Ninja Tune’s Soundcloud.

Fionn Regan
100 Acres Of Sycamore
Minimal introspection veering dangerously into sappiness from former Mercury Music Prize nominee.
Read my review in Under The Radar Magazine by clicking above: coming soon.
Watch a live performance of the title track in the back of a van.
Download the title track via Soundcloud.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Out Of Frequency
Oh Barbarella, how we’ve missed you.
If you aren’t familiar with Barbarella, or even if you are, watch the Barbarella trailer for nostalgia’s sake.
Read my review for Planet by clicking above.
Listen to “Major” while gazing at Barbarella-come-to-life Mitte Lindberg.

1992 – 2012: Anthology and A Collection
(Cooking Vinyl)
Two Underworld greatest hits collections at the same time? Underworld overdose, if such a thing is possible. The former is three discs long, the latter aborted versions of Underworld staples. Click the album names above for my reviews on Under The Radar’s site.
Watch “Cowgirl”—if you dare. Word to the wise: have a barf bag handy.

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