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Ulrich Schnauss: No Further Ahead Than Today (Scripted Realities/PIAS)


Reviewed for Electronic Musician Magazine January 2017 issue:


Ulrich Schnauss No Further Ahead Than Today (Scripted Realities/PIAS)

Schnauss’ synthesizer manipulations give a pad-y twist to the noodly experimentations that define early IDM (“Intelligent” Dance Music). This characteristic is at the center of his latest album, which marks a return to Schnauss’ early works with atmospheric washes and string-y sounding keys, exemplified on the Midnight Express score-like “Thoughtless Motion.” Otherworldly and immersive, No Further suits Schnauss’ latest appointment as a member of original electronic pioneers Tangerine Dream.

Watch the video for “Love Grows Out Of Thin Air.”



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