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Francesca Belmonte: Anima (False Idols)


Reviewed for Electronic Musician Magazine August 2015 Issue:


Francesca Belmonte Anima (False Idols)

Featured on a few Tricky albums, Francesca Belmonte’s voice is a familiar one. For Anima, Belmonte’s solo debut on Tricky’s label, he steps into role of producer. Their dark, unsettling styles are a good match, but Anima is very much Belmonte’s personal project. The pain in her hoarse tones on “Come Take” is tangible, while her voice grows thick with intensity on “Joker.” Raw emotion runs in the family with her 10-year-old cousin’s raps on the eponymous “Daisy.”

Listen/download three tracks from Francesca via her SoundCloud.


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