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Various Cruelties @ First Unitarian Church

Various Cruelties 2013

Previewed for LA Weekly:

Various Cruelties at the First Unitarian Church

Listen to Various Cruelties’ cover of Ian Brown’s “F.E.A.R.”

2 comments on “Various Cruelties @ First Unitarian Church

  1. Ginny Fitter
    April 25, 2013

    Hi Lily, Reading your review/preview of VC, I sensed that you were not fond of their sound because of words you chose like “weepy”, “congested” and “blueprint”, not flattering terms, when others might have used speech like “heartrending”, “husky” and “reminiscent”.

    I am so impressed by the band’s ability to appeal to more than one generation….and, as you point out, it is partly because of the elements from the 50’s doo-wop backgrounds all the way up until now (Thrill Is Gone reminds me of Harry Connick Jr. and Big Band, even). I would also list their originality as an asset, as the songs are completely different from each other. And, as an older person, I am keenly aware that they have left dirty lyrics out of songs and crude comments out of their postings online. Their posts reflect their appreciation of their fans, while often showing their own wittiness.

    Really hope you will be able to see them in person….though the sound quality can be pretty distorted in a loud room…..or sanctuary!

    Thank you for listening,

    Ginny Fitter
    Sterling, VA

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