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Veep: The Complete First Season Blu-ray/DVD (HBO)

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Reviewed for Under The Radar Magazine Digital Edition:

Veep: The Complete First Season Blu-ray/DVD (HBO)

This comedy about about the second-most important position in American government revolves around profanity and absolutely no contact with the President whatsoever. Female political figures everywhere should, however, be looking to Julia Louis Dreyfuss’ titular character, Vice President Selina Meyers for amazing hair and wardrobe style ideas—but not for tips on how to run their offices. Created by In The Loop’s Armando Iannucci (the equivalent of the British Aaron Sorkin) and produced and written by Brits for the most part, Veep boasts razor-sharp lines delivered by a fast-talking collection of actors with brilliant comic timing. Each member of the Veep’s incompetent office is cleverly etched, from her ballsy Chief Of Staff Amy (Anna Clumbsky) to her devoted right-hand man Gary (Tony Hale) to her stoic executive assistant Sue (Sufe Bradshaw) and her ravaged spokesperson Mike (Matt Walsh), who all are constantly putting out fires which are, more often than not, set off by the ineptitude of the Veep herself. To crib a line from Reid Scott who plays political aide Dan Egan, when Washington takes itself so seriously is when it moves beyond comedy to the level of absurdity.

The eight-episode first season digital package includes an insightful look into the making of the show, a number of audio commentaries from various cast members and producers, understandably deleted scenes, and the Veep’s would-have-been public service announcements and outtakes on obesity.

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