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Running Around Los Angeles Week Of August 10, 2012

•Work and tacos with Reid Speed post brand-new car stereo installation on Friday August 10, 2012 (top right). •Duran Duran at the Pacific Amphitheatre at the OC Fair (featuring lots of ladies that are my age but looked A LOT older–except my father says they don’t look old, they look their age and I look unnaturally young, he didn’t say it in a complimentary way) on Saturday August 11, 2012 (top middle and left). •Video interview with Michael Kiwanuka followed by show with full band at the Troubadour (bottom left and middle) on Monday August 13, 2012. •Interview with the RaveonettesSune Rose Wagner for Electronic Musician on Wednesday August 15, 2012 (bottom right).

Check out Reid’s new EP with Proper Villains.
Watch Duran Duran’s performance of “Girls On Film” at the Pacific Amphitheatre videoed by someone who looks like they were leaning against the stage, nice work.
Watch Michael perform “Tell Me A Tale,” which was stuck in my head for ages after the show. on The Crypt Sessions.
Here is a free download of the Raveonettes’ “She Owns The Streets.”


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