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Secret Room Event At L’Ermitage Hotel For The 2012 Academy Awards

Us “regular” people watch the Academy Awards from our couches and buy our toiletries at the drugstore. This year, I am sitting next to my father–who has watched the Oscars for the better part 50 years–on my couch/loveseat working on writing assignments while he maintains his award-watching record intact. But, I did get invited to The Secret Room at L’Ermitage Beverly Hills earlier this week, on Wednesday February 22, 2012, where I got a taste of what it’s like to be given many free things for absolutely no reason other than being me.

On L’Ermitage’s beautiful rooftop, a wide array of vendors were featuring their products. From diving vacations in Indonesia to cellulite reduction, teeth whitening, animal conservation, apparel, accessories, jewelry, beverages, food and art, this event stocked up its attendees with loads of goodies.

Some of my favorites pictured above: •top left corner: gorgeous dress from Tiare Hawaii which suits the beach as much as it does the nightclub •right under that: fun and flirty top from Ballroom Panic which really should be worn with a bottom •cat cross-body bag from The Tiniest Tiger, you may not be able to see it from the photo, but the stitching in the quilting is in the shape of cats, that bag was packed with cat goodies I am passing on to my cat loving friend, Reid Speed •pictured with me diagonally across: surprise personality hanging out with the cat people: Jackson Galaxy of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell fame, partially produced by my talented friend, Susan Von Seggern •beautiful bracelet made of seeds from Mujus, Peru by way of New York City •Blinks necklace-turned-reading glasses, I may not need them for their latter function–yet, but I love them/it for the former •sturdy tote made of recycled Capri Sun wrappers, don’t know who made that, but this company whose card I can’t find that specializes in toiletries for men used gave me the tote to carry their wares in.

Everything I received is pictured on my love seat (top, second left). Here is a grocery list of the products: •discount for a diving vacation package from Wakatobi •repurposed materials jewelry from Portobello, no jewelry, but they did hand out a tank top, big on me, but cool design on the front •Whitening Lightning teeth whitening kit, which they promise won’t be painful, don’t know about that, I have really sensitive teeth and whitening them is nausea-inducing and torturous, also in their gift bag, a super-duper lip gloss with a built-in light and mirror that reflects on your lips for perfect application in the dark, genius •awesome tweezers from Italy’s ArteStile, these are so pretty, I can’t imagine actually using them, but just having them on display •the book Perfectly Crazy by Mitzi Penzes accompanied by a random painting which may or may not have anything to do with the book •age-fighting cremes for various parts of the body from Atzen •lip balm from Nordic Naturals.

And here is what I wasn’t gifted but caught my eye: •gourmet mac and cheese from The Comfort Gourmet, these guys ran out of freebies, but i got a sample bite and it’s delicious, this coming from someone who doesn’t like cheese, you can find their products at Whole Foods •gaudily colored colored snow-and-surfwear from Loudmouth, it looked like clown school in these guys’ corner •vintage style soccer shoes from Italian designers Pantafola d’Oro, they do make women’s styles and sizes and have promised to send me some, we’ll see, stay tuned •custom painted art from Noosphere Studios and artist Marissa Denise, Marissa’s binary art has heavy Rothko influences •finally Universal Angel Wings, which is basically a hairclip, but it’s tough enough to be multi-purposed, e.g., holding your towel, shirt, skirt, dress, sarong, and your book open–if you’re not reading a hardback Harry Potter novel.

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