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We Are Scientists: Barbara (Masterswan)

Reviewed for Venus Zine:

We Are Scientists Barbara (Masterswan)

We Are Scientists
Barbara (Masterswan)
By Lily Moayeri
Published: June 16th, 2010 | 1:00pm

We Are Scientists have a revolving door of members not oft seen in indie rock. The Brooklyn-based sometimes twosome, sometimes threesome (current state), sometimes foursome, could credit their avoidance of staleness to this constant refreshing of bandmates. For their fourth full-length, Barbara, core musicians Keith Murray and Chris Cain are joined by erstwhile Razorlight drummer, Andy Burrows.

Barbara doesn’t take any creative risks. It is so cautious, in fact, that its songs sound instantly familiar—a sure sign of musical success. “Pittburgh” swells with big harmonies, chiming guitar riffs, and thundering beats. The warbles of “Foreign Kicks” put a sparkle on its sad sentiments—accented by classic “woo-oo”’s. And has anyone sounded this exuberant about modern conveniences than these guys on “Central AC”? Interestingly, Barbara sounds more like California’s hook-friendly, happy melody Rooney than that group does on its latest, Eureka. The overt pop allegiance We Are Scientists are pledging on Barbara may not be original, but it certainly is easy to take.


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