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Spacehog: The Chinese Album (Sire/Warner Brothers)

Reviewed for Blue Magazine:

Spacehog The Chinese Album (Sire/Warner Brothers)

Spacehog burst on the music scene in 1995 from Leeds, England via New York, NY with Resident Alien–a singular interpretation of music from Queen, Iggy Pop and David Bowie. Their sophomore effort sees them expanding their horizons to include everyone from John Lennon to Andrew Lloyd Weber. The result: no two tracks sounding alike. The journey begins with dark beats setting the background for the ominously delivered warning message, “One Of These Days” and flips into joyful declarations of farewell on “Goodbye Violet Race.” “Skylark” a whimsical Lennonesque magical mystery tour shifts into the dramatic “Sand In Your Eyes.” Spacehog’s far reaching musical excursions allow them to stay in a category of their own, a space where neither British nor American bands fit in.


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