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Composer Piers Baron: Music Provides the Narrative for Action Sports Films

Piers Baron interviewed for his composing work on action sports films, most recently, Teton Gravity‘s Accomplice, for Mix Magazine September 2020 Issue: Composer Piers BaronMusic Provides the Narrative for Action … Continue reading

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Matrix & Futurebound: Mystery Machine

Matrix and Futurebound interviewed for their album, Mystery Machine, for DJ Times Magazine Spring 2019 Issue Matrix & Futurebound: Mystery Machine Listen to the album in full on Spotify.

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Dillinja @ Xcellerated

Previewed for LA Weekly: Xcellerated Presents Dillinja, Bass Brothers//Mad Ting!! Presents Hatcha, Youngsta at Catch One  Listen to our favorite Dillinja tune, “Twist ‘Em Out” via his Spotify.

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Respect Is the Most Committed Drum & Bass Party in North America

Interviewed Machete, Optical, and R.A.W. for the 20th Anniversary of Respect for LA Weekly March 1-7, 2019 Issue: Respect Is The Most Committed Drum & Bass Party In North America Listen to Respect DnB Radio via Mixcloud.

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Rene LaVice: Pursuing Perfection

René LaVice interviewed for his album, Far From Perfect, for DJ Times Magazine NAMM Issue 2019  Have a listen to René’s Drum & Bass show on BBC Radio 1.

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Wilkinson, Calyx & Teebee, Loadstar @ Exchange

Previewed for LA Weekly: Bassrush + Respect Present Wilkinson, Calyx & Teebee, Loadstar at The Exchange Read my interview with Calyx & TeeBee for their album, 1×1.

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In The Phace Of Bass

Florian Harres aka Phace interviewed for his album, Between, for DJ Mag North America September 2018 Issue: In The Phace Of Bass Listen to the entire album on Phace’s SoundCloud.

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Xcellerated Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary

Jeremy Fitzgerald aka DJ Construct interviewed for the five-year anniversary of his drum ‘n’ bass party, Xcellerated, for LA Weekly: Xcellerated Celebrates Five Year Anniversary Check out the Spotify playlist featuring all five of … Continue reading

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Most Promising Fresh Festival Face Soothslayer Is All About the Interaction

Soothslayer aka Caroline Miller interviewed for the cover of LA Weekly Best of LA Music Issue June 14, 2018 Most Promising Fresh Festival Face Soothslayer Is All About The Interaction Listen to Soothslayer via … Continue reading

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Mefjus: Bar-Faced Bass

Mefjus interviewed for his album, Manifest, for DJ Mag USA June 2018 Issue: Bar-Faced Bass Listen to Mefjus’ Manifest promo mix for YourEDM via his SoundCloud.

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Hype B2B Hazard @ Belasco

Previewed for LA Weekly Hype B2B Hazard at the Belasco Theater Watch Hype and Hazard at the Let it Roll Festival December 2017.

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Submorphics: Making Detroit Haze

Submorphics interviewed for his Detroit Haze EP for DJ Times Magazine January 2018 Issue: Submorphics: Making Detroit Haze Watch the official video for “Whatchudo” via The North Quarter’s YouTube channel.

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Roni Size @ Respect

Previewed for LA Weekly: Roni Size with Dynamite MC at Respect at Project Club L.A. Have a listen to Size’s set from last time he played at Respect for their 18th … Continue reading

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Andy C. @ Funktion @ Exchange LA

Previewed for LA Weekly: Andy C. at Bassrush DTLA Presents Funktion at the Exchange LA Listen to an hour of Andy C. recorded live at Alexandra Palace featured on Apple Beats … Continue reading

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DC Breaks: A Different Breed

DC Breaks‘ Chris Page and Dan Havers interviewed for their album, A Different Breed, for DJ Times Magazine July 2017 Issue: DC Breaks: A Different Breed Check out A Different Breed via your platform of choice.

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Friction @ Funktion

Previewed for LA Weekly: Friction, Metrik, and Nightstalker at Funktion at Belasco Basement Check out episodes from Friction’s show on BBC Radio 1.

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Lenzman: Liquid D-n-B

Lenzman interviewed for his Earth Tones EP for DJ Times Magazine April 2017 Issue: Lenzman: Liquid D-n-B Listen to previews of all the tracks from the entire Earth Tones EP via his label, The North Quarter’s SoundCloud.

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Between A Rock And A Hard Break: D&B’s Survival In The US

Bassrush‘s Tony Merino, Insomniac‘s Forrest Hunt, DC Breaks‘ Chris Page, Camo & Krooked, SubCulture‘s Blake McRitchie, Respect‘s and Circle Talent Agency‘s Rob Machete, and Cybergroove‘s Scott McCusker interviewed for my culture piece on making it as a drum ‘n’ bass creative in North America … Continue reading

March 30, 2017 · 1 Comment

Roni Size @ Respect

Previewed for LA Weekly: Roni Size at Respect 18-year Anniversary at Project LA Watch the trailer for New Forms 2017.

March 2, 2017 · 1 Comment

Bass Music Queen Reid Speed Is As Loud And High-Energy As Her Music

Reid Speed interviewed ahead of her gig at Bassrush presents Funktion with Calyx & TeeBee and State of Mind for LA Weekly Bass Music Queen Reid Speed Is As Loud And High-Energy As … Continue reading

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Face-Off: Calyx & TeeBee VS State of Mind

Calyx & TeeBee and State of Mind refereed for Bassrush ahead of their Funktion show: Face-Off: Calyx & TeeBee vs. State of Mind Listen to Calyx & TeeBee’s Essential Mix via their SoundCloud. Listen … Continue reading

January 30, 2017 · 1 Comment

Phace Unleashes the Funk on Nasty Neuro Number “Connected”

Phace interviewed for the premiere of “Connected” from his Plastic Acid EP on Blackout Music for Insomniac: Phace Unleashes the Funk on Nasty Neuro Number “Connected” Listen to “Connected” via Phace’s SoundCloud.

January 4, 2017 · 1 Comment

#TeamBassrush: 2016 Year In Review

My top five most rewindable drum ‘n’ bass moments of 2016 for Bassrush: #TeamBassrush: 2016 Year In Review Links to articles I’ve written about everyone on my list: Optical, Matrix, Delta … Continue reading

December 27, 2016 · 1 Comment

Brookes Brothers @ Respect

Previewed for LA Weekly: Brookes Brothers at Respect Keep up with the Brookes Brothers via their SoundCloud.

November 17, 2016 · 1 Comment

Track of the Day: Flaco Melts Bachelors of Science’s “Don’t Hold Back” Into Liquid Fire

Write up on Track of the Day for Insomniac: Track of the Day: Flaco Melts Bachelors of Science’s “Don’t Hold Back” Into Liquid Fire Listen to the remix via Insomniac Events … Continue reading

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Head to Head: Kasra vs Mefjus

Kasra and Mefjus interviewed for Insomniac‘s Head to Head series: Head to Head: Kasra v. Mefjus Watch the teaser video for Mefjus and Emperor’s Hello World 2 EP on Kasra’s Critical Music.

November 4, 2016 · 2 Comments

Noisia: Outer Edges

Noisia‘s Nik Roos interviewed for their album, Outer Edges, for DJ Times Magazine October 2016 Issue: Noisia: Outer Edges Listen to the full album via Noisia’s SoundCloud.  

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In The Studio With Optical D-n-B Legend Optical interviewed for 20 Years Of Optical for DJ Times Magazine September 2016 Issue: In the Studio With Optical D-n-B Legend Hear tracks from 20 Years Of Optical via Optical’s SoundCloud.

September 1, 2016 · 2 Comments

Lenzman: The North Remembers

Interview with Lenzman about the launch of his label, The North Quarter, for Bassrush: Lenzman: The North Remembers Watch the official video for Children of the Zeus featuring DRS “Still Standing.”

August 31, 2016 · 1 Comment

Netsky Aims Higher

Netsky‘s Boris Daenen interviewed for his album, 3, for DJ Times Magazine August 2016 Issue: Netsky Aims Higher Listen to 3 in its entirety via Netsky’s SoundCloud.

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LTJ Bukem @ Respect

Previewed for LA Weekly: LTJ Bukem at Respect at the Dragonfly Listen to a mix from Bukem via Drum & Bass Arena.

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Calyx & TeeBee: Creating 1×1

Calyx & TeeBee interviewed for their album, 1×1, for DJ Times Magazine July 2016 Issue: Calyx & TeeBee: Creating 1×1 Listen to a cross section of Calyx & TeeBee productions via their SoundCloud.

July 1, 2016 · 3 Comments

Bassrush Presents Funktion @ Regent

Previewed for LA Weekly: Viper: Live and Bad Company UK @ Regent Theater Listen to the official EDC Las Vegas 2016 bassPOD Soundtrack via Bassrush. Alternatively, listen to Matrix and Futurebound’s … Continue reading

June 23, 2016 · 2 Comments

Turf Wars: Overcoming the Elitism of Early UK Drum & Bass

TeeBee, DJ Marky, Gridlok, UFO!, and Optical interviewed for my culture piece on breaking the UK barriers in drum ‘n’ bass for Bassrush: Turf Wars: Overcoming the Elitism of Early UK Drum … Continue reading

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Funktion @ Regent Theater

Previewed for LA Weekly: Calyx & TeeBee, Culture Shock, Mefjus, Prolix at Funktion at Bassrush at Regent Theater Listen to Calyx & TeeBee’s mix for UMF Radio via their SoundCloud.

March 24, 2016 · 4 Comments

Andy C @ Exchange

Previewed for LA Weekly: Bassrush and Respect Present Andy C at Exchange Listen to Andy C live at Ultra Festival In Miami 2014.

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Roni Size: Touching Down And Taking Control

Roni Size interviewed for his album, Take Kontrol, for Insomniac: Roni Size: Touching Down And Taking Control Listen to some current sounds from Mr. Size on his SoundCloud.

August 25, 2014 · 1 Comment

Make Some Noisia!

Noisia‘s Thijs de Vlieger interviewed for the trio’s Purpose EP  for DJ Magazine USA: Make Some Noisia! Listen to the “Noisia Selects” playlist on Spotify.

August 4, 2014 · 2 Comments

The #DnB Daily News

Urban Kronix Radio‘s The #DnB Daily News picked up my post “Running Around Los Angeles Week Of August 30, 2013“ with Reid Speed including her brand-new drum ‘n’ bass mix, Resound. … Continue reading

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