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Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall: Controlling the Beast of a Chemical Brothers Concert

Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall interviewed on their 25 years of working with the Chemical Brothers on their live show for LA Weekly: Best of LA Music Issue 2019: Adam Smith and … Continue reading

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The 20 Best Coachella Sets Of All Time

photo credit: John Dennett Write up on the Chemical Brothers in the Sahara Tent Coachella 2005 for LA Weekly: The 20 Best Coachella Sets Of All Time Listen to some clips … Continue reading

January 14, 2016 · 1 Comment

Running Around Los Angeles Week Of April 27, 2012

•Screening of the Chemical Brothers‘ concert film Don’t Think with director Adam Smith at the Arclight Theatre in Hollywood with Womp TV‘s Rico Che, Jennifer Harrison, and Allyson DeMunda on April … Continue reading

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March 2012

Kaiser Chiefs Start The Revolution Without Me (B-Unique/Cooperative/Downtown) Leeds lads return with an enhanced case of identity crisis. This time instead of having too many collaborators, they have too many … Continue reading

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February 2012

Chemical Brothers Don’t Think Concert film from one of the most successful acts in electronic dance music in the world. Read my review of the film for Magnetic by clicking on … Continue reading

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Chemical Brothers: Don’t Think

Reviewed for Magnetic: Chemical Brothers Don’t Think Watch some of director Adam Smith’s other visual projects.

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Running Around Los Angeles Week Of January 27, 2012

•Chemical Brothers‘ concert film, Don’t Think directed by Adam Smith on Wednesday, February 1, 2012. Watch the trailer for Don’t Think.

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