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Moby & the Void Pacific Choir: The Systems are Failing (Mute)


Reviewed for Electronic Musician Magazine December 2016 issue:


Moby & the Void Pacific Choir These Systems are Failing (Mute)

Moby’s musical output is unpredictable. His latest album, These Systems Are Failing with the Void Pacific Choir, is a dance punk pop political manifesto. Though this album is closest to his-two-decades-old, sadly received Animal Rights album, the threat of similarly disastrous results is far less. Moby sounds happy as he shouts existential, doom-filled, conscious lyrics through these bite-sized, license-unfriendly songs. While Systems is inherently discordant, there is a funky slap to the desperate “Don’t Leave Me,” a tribal groove shot through the trance-y riffs of “Erupt and Matter,” and a glimmer of melody on the angst-driven “A Simple Love.”


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