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Running Around Los Angeles Week Of February 1, 2013


Interview with Andrew and Daniel Aged of inc. (bottom left) at Chico’s Mexican Restaurant in Highland Park for Soma Magazine on Friday February 1, 2013. Dinner with Renee Harrison of Publicity Please at Kitchen 24 Hollywood (where you get a free cupcake if you Tweet or Instagram a photo of your food, I got a red velvet cupcake for my picture of an empty plate where their righteous mac ‘n’ cheese used to be) on Tuesday February 5, 2013. Emeli Sande (bottom right) at the El Rey Theatre on Wednesday February 6, 2013. Morrison Hotel Gallery (background) opening at the Sunset Marquis Hotel, inc. Boiler Room performance in Downtown Los Angeles, and DJ Dara (middle bottom) at Respect on Thursday February 7, 2013.

Watch inc.’s video for “The Place.”
Watch Emeli perform “Heaven” from that evening at the El Rey.
Listen to some of Dara’s sounds on Soundcloud.

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