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October 2012

Beth Orton
Sugaring Season
The timeless, ageless comedown queen taps into her American side–with the help of the Decemberists’ producer, Tucker Martine. Part country, part folky, and all clear, this is her most intimate work yet. Click her name to read my review for Under The Radar Magazine.
Watch Beth perform three songs on Tiny Desk Concerts.

Sun Airway
Soft Fall
(Dead Oceans)
It’s all about the layers for this Philadelphia-based group. Managing to maintain a song structure without the sonic textures, there is a pastoral quality to their eye-catchingly covered second album. Click the band’s name to read my preview for LA Weekly.
Watch the making of the album artwork set to the album’s music.

This is Dan Snaith of Caribou afterhours alter ego. Minimalist/track-y/diva-ish, this is dark, percussive, moody dance music. More like a DJ set than an artist album, that is the goal. Click the name to read my review for Electronic Musician.
Watch the video for “Ahora,” the fourth in a series for the album.

Blue Swan Orchestra
(Eenie Meenie)
Goldenboy’s identifying album sees a re-release with two bonus tracks on its 10th anniversary. Sounding much like the Goldenboy of today, these boys haven’t strayed much from the original formula. Click their name to read my preview of their show for LA Weekly.
Listen to “Summertime” featuring Elliott Smith.

System Preferences
(The Ship)
Employing more electronics than ever heard before and developing more definition than it has been known to have, the latest from this pared down duo still keeps what you liked about it: its dreaminess. Click its name to read my review for Under The Radar.
Download their track “’97 Heart Attack” for free.

Black Moth Super Rainbow
Cobra Juicy
(Rad Cult)
Like Air but very upbeat, the psychedelic, electro-pop of BMSR’s fifth album brings the Pittsburgh group out from behind its avatars. The vocodered vocals sound like they are having the best time ever. A little same-y, but it’s so much fun it doesn’t prove to be a problem.
You can stream the entire album via Under The Radar.

Charlie White and Boom Bip
Music For Sleeping Children
This is a “public EP” meaning the music and all the assets, including arts and videos are free to the public. This project from artist and filmmaker (and voyeur?) White studies adolescent girls while Hollon sets it to music. Yes, it seems a bit pedophilic, but if you can tolerate teenage girl talk, it is also amusing.
Listen/watch/download the whole thing at the dedicated site.

Only 4 You
(Cajual Records)
This double disc, double decade retrospective of the respectable Chicago house imprint jacks and smacks, proving the power house of classic Chicago warehouse sounds knows no time boundary and is in full effect. Click the name to read my preview for LA Weekly.
Download Cajmere’s “Chit Chat (Clubhouse Remix)” here.

Layo and Bushwacka!
Rising and Falling
These guys take their time between releases, but lose none of their momentum in the interim. The latest keeps its dancefloor accessibility describe its grown-up stance. Click their name to read my interview for DJ Times Magazine.
Listen/download for free two remixes of “Dancing In The Dark.”

Lulu Gainsbourg
From Gainsbourg To Lulu
Serge Gainsbourg’s son covers his father’s songs accompanied by the dazzlingest of stars (i.e., Johnny Depp, Scarlett Johansson). How can you go wrong really? Click his name to read my review for Under The Radar.
Listen to Lulu’s and Scarlett’s cover of “Bonnie and Clyde.”

Back To Now
(PIAS America)
Dark electronics drive the Morcheeba frontwoman’s third solo album. Skye’s voice will forever bring Morcheeba to mind, but the moodiness of this album turns a different corner for the velvet-throated chanteuse. Click her name to read my review for Planet.
Watch the video for “Featherlight.”

Read my reviews of new shows that premiered in October this fall season for Under The Radar by clicking on the show’s name.
Emily Owens, M.D. (CW) Mean Girls for “grownups” set in a hospital.
Beauty and the Beast (CW) it’s not enough just to be pretty, there has to be some substance.
Nashville (ABC) my favorite new show, it has it all: drama, romance, humor, and music.

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