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DJ Fresh: Louder EP (Columbia)

Reviewed for Elektrodaily:

DJ Fresh Louder EP (Columbia)

A giant, hands-in-the-air party is compacted onto DJ Fresh’s EP, Louder. A precursor to his album set for domestic release in 2013, the four-track EP features two singles already released in Fresh’s UK home territory: the Sian Evans-vocalized dubstep infusion “Louder” and the chugging Dizzee Rascal-vocalized “The Power.” “The Edge” featuring Ayah Marar and the Doctor P and Flux Pavilion Remix of the title track round off the EP. It takes about half a minute before the obvious synth-based rave elements are run through and the meaty part of the tracks kicks in on Louder. With Fresh’s drum ‘n’ bass background, the structures are less about convention and more about piling every goading, teeth-gnashing component into a palpitation-generating stack of sounds. The build-up is quick and the drop a grimace inducing welcome one. Pop has never sounded so accessibly current and with so much bite at the same time.

Watch the video for “Louder,” Fresh isn’t in it, but Los Angeles is.

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