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Running Around Los Angeles Week Of June 29, 2012

I have been missing out on the awesomeness that is staycationing in Los Angeles in the summertime. This city is so fun and so diverse. The weather is perfect and everything is pretty. Having my editor from DJ Times, Jim Tremayne, around for the weekend and my child-by-proxy, Adam FirstMan around for the last 10 days or so has me feeling like a tour guide who is on vacation on her own city, best of both worlds.
•Brunch at Jack ‘n’ Jill‘s in Beverly Hills, mooching about at Stories Books and Cafe in Echo Park, and the Dodger game at Dodger Stadium with Jim on June 29, 2012. •Brunch at Elysee with Adam and Jim then Play Me Records BBQ with Jim then Foster The People (my absolute favorite album of last year) at Gibson Amphitheatre thanks to the gracious Winnie Lam (and Benny Tarantini) of Sony Music on June 30, 2012. •Brunch at Urth Caffe in Santa Monica, then Casa Del Mar, and Abbott Kinney with Adam and Jim on July 1, 2012. •Lots of work at Reid Speed‘s with Alexandra Rizo and Nick Rizutto amidst an attack from a cat that thought I was a couch then Tacos Por Favor with Adam on July 2, 2012. •Barry Manilow (with fireworks!) at the Hollywood Bowl on July 3, 2012. •LA Galaxy match at Home Depot Center (with fireworks!) with Adam on July 4, 2012. •West LA Music and 800 Degrees Pizza with Adam on July 5, 2012.
I can’t wait to hear the music Adam has been writing with some very talented ladies: Bekuh Boom, Amy Proal, and the Matrix‘s Lauren Christy at Universal Music Publishing‘s studios this week.

Listen to some of Adam’s stuff on his Soundcloud page.
Watch Foster The People perform what I think is my favorite song, “Don’t Stop,” but it’s so hard to choose.
The start of Barry Manilow at the Hollywood Bowl, doing his ventriloquist style singing, genius.

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