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March 2012

Kaiser Chiefs
Start The Revolution Without Me
Leeds lads return with an enhanced case of identity crisis. This time instead of having too many collaborators, they have too many producers. They should really just be themselves. Click their name above for my review in Under The Radar Magazine: coming soon.
Watch the video for “On The Run,” one of the better songs on the album.

What a disastrous pairing. Once a dream team, now Vince Clarke and Martin L. Gore, are two nerds geeking out to the max and making everyone suffer along with them. Click their name for my review in Under The Radar Magazine.
Watch a random interview with Martin L. Gore at his home in Santa Barbara, California, that’ll redeem him in your eyes, hopefully.

Miike Snow
Happy To You
The Swedish hitmakers are back after endless tours supporting their self-titled debut. That kind of backfired as the songs that will still stick in your head are the ones from that first album, not this one, even though it’s got some decent stuff on it.
Watch the video for the single “Paddling Out” and be transported to 1992.

(Stone’s Throw)
The first hip hop album I have ever liked in my whole life. This coming from “The Hip Hop Nazi,” who won’t let hip hop be played even through headphones if she can hear it. ‘Nuff said. Now I have to go back and listen to every hip hop album album ever made to see if I was wrong all along. Click on the band’s name for my piece on them for Planet.
Have a listen to “Fitta Happier” featuring Guilty Simpson and MED.

Georgia Anne Muldrow
(Some Otha Ship)
Georgia’s vocals recall so many past soul greats, it’s like a game of “Name That Motown Singer.” Channeling a number of these through her malleable vocals and Madlib’s clever production, Seeds appeals on a lot of levels yet fits into no slots, or does it fit into all slots?
Watch the video for “Seeds.”

Chemical Brothers
Don’t Think (DVD/CD/book)
This concert film is still making appearances on screens across the globe, but it is now available as a special package with DVD, CD and book. I haven’t seen this choice item, but you know it’s going to be cool. Read my review of the film for Magnetic by clicking the band’s name.
Watch “Star Guitar” from the film.

Read my reviews of the shows for Under The Radar by clicking on the show’s name.
Awake (NBC) incredulous concept
GCB (ABC) sudsy fun
Missing (ABC) histrionic and trying
Bent (NBC) sexual tension plus sharp humor


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